It’s a Hong Kong Crime Wave

We’re incredibly excited to be working with HOME Manchester on CRIME: Hong Kong Style, a national touring film season and the UK’s biggest celebration of Hong Kong cinema to date.

The explosive new film season is showcasing 20 film titles at HOME, Manchester and will be going on tour around the UK, screening in venues in Scotland, London and Bristol, to name a few.

CRIME: Hong Kong style features a collection of comic capers, cult classics and forgotten gems, including Infernal Affairs, Overheard and Police Story. Having visited family in Hong Kong for many years I got to know more about the country and its cultural heritage so I was looking forward to catching some of the films at HOME.

The season features not one but four UK premieres: Dante Lam’s That Demon Within, Felix Chong’s Once A Gangster, Alan Mak & Felix Chong’s Overheard 3 and Ringo Lam’s Wild City.

Last night we went along to the UK premiere of Felix Chong’s Once A Gangster at HOME, which was a comic head-rush! Felix has flown over to the UK to join the tour and gave a Q&A after the film to a hundred strong audience including his hardcore Manchester fan base who stuck around afterwards to get autographs!

Hosted by season curator Andy Willis, Chong talked about his career including working with Martin Scorsese, who remade Infernal Affairs into Oscar-winning The Departed starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon. He gave some interesting insight into life behind the Hollywood film lens, and the unique situation of collaborating with a Hollywood director who has his own vision of your film.

Visiting 18 venues across the UK, one of the first stops on CRIME: Hong Kong Style’s tour is Scotland with screenings in Glasgow, Dundee, Inverness and Edinburgh, where Felix will join audiences for a Q&A before heading back down South for appearances in Sheffield and London.

So far, the tour has caught the attention of the Edinburgh Evening News, TimeOut, Londonist, London LeCool, and the Guardian, with much more to follow.

We’re looking forward to this next leg of the tour with films being screened in London at Barbican, King’s College and Picturehouse.

Katy x

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Last night we went along to the UK premiere of Felix Chong’s Once A Gangster at HOME, which was a comic head-rush!