Launching Factory’s Creative Engine

We have some wonderful clients, but our longest standing is Factory, the BAFTA-award winning animation house, home grown from the ground up right here in Manchester – they’ve been with us since day one!

Factory told us over the summer that they were going to be launching a dedicated state of the art studio, Factory Creative Engine, which would mean they could bring every aspect of animating in-house, sets, puppets, costumes, the lot!

We were so excited to support them on this launch – its a huge leap for the company, allowing them to make great headway with their business strategy to create more and more of their own self-initiated creative content and intellectual property.

The incredible new workshop consolidates the production of sets, puppets, and models, synthesising cutting edge technology, including 3D printers and CO2 laser cutters with traditional methods, all under one roof. The new technology means that all the lengthy processes involved in creating worlds and characters in animation can be slashed, streamlined, and executed much more quickly!

The studio was opened by Keith Chapman, creator of Bob The Builder and Paw Patrol, whose production company Chapman Entertainment was formed alongside MD Phil Chalk, and based at the Altrincham site which went on to become Factory!

Not only will the new workshop allow Factory a whole world of creative freedom, the opening means that the animation studio is creating upwards of 40 jobs in Manchester, in the North West’s thriving animation sector rich with talent.

We had coverage in online and print editions of the Manchester Evening News, with further online coverage in television trades Televisual, and Broadcast Magazine, and animation trade outlets including Animation Magazine, and Animation World Network. Major licensing trade publication Kidscreen also ran an announcement piece.

The ‘A Week In My Life’ feature with Prolific North gave some insight into the daily routine of Jon Kershaw, Factory Creative Engine Manager, and they also ran an announcement piece on the day.

ITV Granada Reports came along on the day and filmed an amazing package for the 6 o’clock bulletin that Friday evening, which showcased the entire studio and its capabilities, with a refresher of the Factory’s impressive back catalogue!

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The animation studio is creating upwards of 40 jobs in Manchester, in the North West's thriving animation sector rich with talent.