King Lear: The Film

Sundae led the publicity campaign for King Lear: The Film, the stage to screen capture of the critically acclaimed sell-out Royal Exchange Theatre co-production with Talawa Theatre Company starring Don Warrington, MBE.

We supported the film’s multi-platform release across three stages: a digital release via iPlayer and the BBC’s Shakespeare Lives festival, a series of free public screenings in thirteen cinemas across the country, and a BBC Four broadcast on Christmas Day.

Sundae sustained and built interest in the film across all three stages of release. We pushed hard from the start, with the iPlayer launch landing features with outlets such as the Daily Mail, BBC News and the Stage. We then initiated a comprehensive regional campaign for each of the cinema screenings, securing 43 regional pieces in outlets across the country, with a reach of 484k.

We ensured the buzz around King Lear continued to build towards its broadcast premiere on Christmas Day on BBC4. Despite being the most competitive day of the year for TV listings space, we secured previews in a large number of outlets including Sunday Times: Culture, Daily Telegraph, i, Financial Times, Sunday Express, Daily Mail, What’s on TV, Total TV Guide and the Times.

We utilised the cultural relevance of the film to generate discussion in both mainstream and specialist press. The use of a predominantly black cast meant we were able to ignite the topic of diversity in the film industry, with titles such as Digital Spy and the Metro interviewing our actors about the issue. We also garnered support from the black press, with outlets such as British Blacklist and Afridiziak covering the film.

We also built on the film’s appraised portrayal of dementia by forming links with organisations such as the Alzheimer’s Society, Lewy Body Society and Dementia UK, who ran news stories and engaged on social media. Our own social media campaign saw interaction from key talent, and we amassed 2.8k total engagements.

The campaign we ran was consistently strong at all stages. We amassed a total of 73 pieces of key coverage, with a total potential reach of over 740 million.

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We utilised the cultural relevance of the film to generate discussion in both mainstream and specialist press.